Just a random banner, please!

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Just a random banner, please!

Post by Pippi on Fri Mar 05, 2010 2:08 am

Size: I honestly don't care, just as long as it is longer more than it is tall. Wide and short.
Text: I want some jumbled text(nothing like too fancy and cursive like, but something maybe more like impact or cracked font?) That says 'Ultimate Forum'. Please make the text either dark blue, black, or dark grey, depending on BG(see below).
Background: Something dark grey/black, perhaps? Maybe a gradient would work well, don't care much for gloss, although it'd be nice. Eh, not much into images, but if you have a good 'ultimate' image that you could put on there, that'd be fabulous.
Border: No border please, but if you want to put one on feel free too.
Extra: I would be happy to give you 100+ credits, if you'd like. But my max is 250, because I only have 20 more after that. And please don't push it. It's not nice.

Thank you whoever makes this, thank you so much!
Is this correct? First time requests graphics. Embarassed
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